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[Womens RWC] Ulrika Andersson-Hall: Sweden’s big news

The biggest news from Swedish rugby this month is undoubtedly the fact that we have elected a female President of our national rugby federation.

Despite rugby being a minority sport here and Sweden being on the forefront when it comes to equality, the election still made a decent splash in the media since female Presidents are not common in such male dominated sports.

viaWomens RWC – Ulrika Andersson-Hall: Sweden’s big news.

Coaching the coaches

Article found in „Monitor on Psychology“:
Coaching the coaches.

Terminaktualisierung Rueckrunde

Derzeit stehen die folgenden Termine an (fett=Liga):
18.4. RL-Turnier in Hamburg
8.5. RL-Turnier in Bremen
13.5. Tour Holland/Belgien
29.05 Frauen RL Endturnier in Leipzig
12.6. Ameland Beach Rugby